Database updating view

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Altium Designer provides three methods of linking from a component to a database - using either a Database Link file () respectively.The Db Link approach provides an efficient means of linking and keeping the components used in your design (or libraries) synchronized with the data entered in the database.Full component updates - including the graphical symbol, model references, and parameters, can be performed using the Update From Libraries command.Parametric information from the database can also be included in the final Bill of Materials (BOM), ready for component procurement.The SVNDb Lib file(s) will then be made available to the Designer(s) within that company, who will install and use the library files from which to place the components in their designs.

The symbol and model library files need to be added to a Subversion (SVN) repository.

The wizard is accessible from the Tools menu when editing a PCB or Schematic library document.

As the split library files will be added to the SVN repository, it can be a good idea to setup the folder structure that you want in the repository - in terms of the symbol/model files - locally on your hard disk.

The Db Lib/SVNDb Lib approach takes this proven linking efficiency and adds to it the freedom to be able to place a component directly from the database - in essence creating the component dynamically from the information stored for it in the corresponding database record.

Before launching into the greater depths of the database library feature, it is worth discussing the differences between these methods, in regard to the way you use them.

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